Art Director / Animator

RED distills color into a physical environment designed to expose and explore our relationship between perception and influence. This installation creates a small and intimate interior environment with red fabric, red light, and sound of fireplace. Audience is immersed in this colored space, interacting with an iPad. The humorous iPad animation is specifically designed to share educational fun facts about the color red and how it affects our relationship to our world.
RED was made in collaboration with Sweta Mohapatra, Cole Orloff, Kaini Zhou. We were inspired by NYU scholar Professor Adam Alter, who wrote the book Drunk Tank Pink and pointed out that factors such as color, sound, and temperature can influence our decision-making.
Provide an immersive experience where visitors can saturate themselves within color and lights.
Educate audience how color has an impact on our decision-making at a powerful and yet subconscious level.
Increase the engagement of the exhibition by installing casual visual elements based on visitors’ location and movement.
(press play button to watch animation)
We specifically picked color as our theme, as it is something people have direct experience with and can convey a rich and playful message. We hope to immerse our audience with educational information to help them know more about the effect of color red.
Exhibited at New York University's Playful Communication Class Show! at NYU Leslie eLab & ITP 2015 Spring Show.

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